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Blue planet.
Brown planet.

A children's story about having two different colored eyes.

On two different worlds.

My name is Kim.I’m pretty much just like you. Except one of my eyes is blue and the other one is brown. two human eyes, one blue and one red

The blue eye sees Earth. What you are looking at now.

The brown eye sees, well, that depends if I am on my other planet or on my spaceship.

I was born this way.

Cover one of your eyes with either hand.

image of a small white dog named Jesse

When I cover my brown eye and look at the world through my blue eye, I see my Mom, a book, my bed, and a small hairy, white dog named Jesse. Jesse is a Havarian. He looks like you made a dog from a lot of white wool.

When I look in a mirror with my blue eye, I see me. Just like you do. A small child with two arms, two legs and a head with wavy and curly black hair that really should be combed better. image of an octopus like person with blue eye covered

Now cover your other eye. Again, you can use either hand.

When I cover my blue eye and look at the world through my brown eye, I see another world. The people here look like octopuses with six tentacles. They can speak, but it’s another language. And they can fly spaceships. We. I should say we. When I look in a mirror with my brown eye, I see me. Just like you do. But on this world, I have six tentacles instead of two arms and two legs. And my head is bright blue. My open eye is brown. One of my tentacles is covering my other eye, my blue eye.

Right now, I am in my spaceship on the other world.

Let’s see what happens on my other world, the brown eye world, since we already know what will happen here on Earth.

What will happen here, you ask?

We will hear a story.

In the other world, the brown eye world, I am flying a spaceship. It’s a small ship. Not much larger than my body.

Curl your knees up to your stomach and hold out your hands like you are driving a car. That’s about the size of the spaceship. It’s very small, but it goes really fast.image of alien that looks like two bears with two heads

Now, here’s something I know: Your world, my blue-eyed world, is about to be attacked by aliens. These aliens look more like bears than people or octopuses. But they have four arms and four legs. And two heads. Each of them is like two bears on Earth.

That’s why I am heading over there. To earth. In my tiny spaceship. s quickly as I can. Which is very quickly! To save your planet, my other planet.

The good news about the double bears is that they are afraid of octopuses, so as soon as they see me coming they will turn around and fly away.

There’s one now. I can see him, or her, inside the brown spaceship and I wave at him, or her, as I go by. The bear looks over at me and, when he, or she, sees that I look like an octopus, it covers its two heads with three of its four paws, turns the spaceship around, and flies away.

One down!

If you look up at the sky, you might be able to see its taillights zipping away.They are hard to see, since their ships are brown and their taillights are also brown. And the sky is black. Brown on black is hard to see.

Can you see them?

There are four more bear spaceships, so I fly over to scare them away.

But one gets by me without looking and is heading down to Earth to your planet! My spaceship is faster than his, but I need to chase the other three alien double bears first.

I quickly scare away the three other aliens, who can’t help but look out their spaceship windows and see a smaller ship, but inside is an octopus. That’s the other me. Which, to them, is terrifying.

I don’t think I am scary. I look just like me. Octopus me. But I scare them away and that’s good for Earth.

Now that they are gone… Uh oh. don’t see the last double bear anywhere.

Here’s where it gets tricky.
I put my human hand over my brown eye …

You can switch eyes to understand what I do.

… and now I can see the Earth, same as you are seeing, from my human blue eye. From the room where I am hearing this story. The one with my Mom and with Jesse, the small white dog.

I walk to the window and look up into the sky. Just as you did.
image of two space ships over earthI smile as I see two spaceships. A larger brown one, with the double bear inside, and a smaller blue ship, much higher in the sky, with the other me, the octopus version of me, inside.

If you go to your window, you might also see the two ships. Do you?

In any case, now I know where the double-bear ship is, so I, the octopus version of me, covers my blue eye and uncovers my brown eye …

You can switch eyes back now.

… and I turn my ship towards the double bear.

It doesn’t take long. The bear sees my blue ship zipping towards him with me inside … a scary blue octopus! … and flies away.

Did you see that?

Even if you didn’t, wave to the sky.

Oh, there you are! Octopus me can see you from my blue space ship in the sky above your head.

You also should comb your hair.

But goodbye for now, I have to get home and go to bed on my brown planet. Which I can see with my brown eye. My brown octopus eye.

And I, human me, also has to go to bed on Earth, my blue planet, which I can see with my blue eye.

I hope you enjoyed the story. And I hope you are happy I saved your planet, my other planet, from the alien double bears.

Sleep well!

The End

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