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Reading Lists and Two Games

Some Stories To Read Aloud To Your Children...

Here are some random children's books I enjoyed reading aloud to my children. It's certainly not a complete list and, with the exception of the Phantom Tollbooth, which is my personal favorite, they're in no order.

For older children:

  • The Phantom Tollbooth, Juster
  • The Princess Bride, Goldman
  • Just So Stories, Kipling
  • The "Narnia" Series, especially A Horse and His Boy, Lewis
  • The "Oz" Series, especially The Lost Princess of Oz, Baum (No relation. Alas!)
  • The "RedWall" Series, Jacques.
  • Little House In The Big Woods, Wilder
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dahl
  • Five Children and It, Nesbit
  • The Moon's Revenge, Aiken and Lee
  • A Wrinkle in Time, L'Engle
  • The Black Stallion, Farley
  • Black and Blue Magic, Snyder
  • Holes, Louis Sachar
  • I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade, Wilson

For children of all ages:

  • Stellaluna, Cannon
  • The Giving Tree and The Missing Piece, Silverstein
  • The Salamander Room, Mazer and Johnson
  • Knots on a Counting Rope, Archambault (Note: Have your eldest read the child's parts.)
  • The Sea Fairies (chapter book) and The Magical Monarch of Mo (short stories) by L. Frank Baum
  •  Varjak Paw, Said

For younger children:

  • The "Little Bear" Series, especially Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?, Waddel and Firth
  • The Going To Bed Book, Boynton
  • King Bidgood's in The Bathtub, Wood
  • "Winnie The Pooh" stories and poems, especially Now We Are Six and When We Were Young, Milne.

...Some Stories For Your Children To Read To Themselves...

My children enjoyed reading the following stories to themselves. If your kid(s) enjoyed any of these stories, they might enjoy the others.

  • The "Oz" Series, especially Ozma of Oz
  • The "Harry Potter" Series, Rowlings
  • The "Narnia" Series
  • Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web, White
  • The "American Girl" Books [editor's note: certainly not great, but surprisingly good], especially the "Molly" ones, for the obvious reason
  • The Star Wars "Jedi Apprentice" books, Wolverton
  • The Gammage Cup, Kendall
  • The Door In The Wall, de Angeli
  • Hidden Talents, Lubar

...One Website I Really Like...

This site has a lot of thoughtful writing games for children, a few that I wish I had created.

...And Two Games.

Here are games that are both fun and promote imaginative story-telling.

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