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Bad Bat and the Sticky Pie.

(learning: ‘y’ endings and silent ‘e’. Don’t forget to point out how the silent ‘e’ changes ‘mad’ to ‘made’ and ‘bit’ to ‘bite’.)

Molly baked a berry pie and put it on the side of her plate to let it cool. She left the room.

In came Bad Bat. He ate the pie!

This made Bad Bat happy, but made Molly very sad. It also made her mad.

The next day, Molly made a Sticky Pie.

"What is a sticky pie?" you ask.

Here is how to make a sticky pie:

Step 1: Start with a cup of cherry jelly.

Step 2: Fry the cherry jelly in a pan until it is very sticky.

Step 3: Add a full jar of white glue.

Step 4: Add a roll of clear tape.

Step 5: Stir with a candy cane.

Step 6: Pour it all into a pie crust.

Step 7: Bake for a long, long time. (Ask Mom or Dad for help with this step.)

When the pie was ready, Molly took it off the stove and put it on the side of the same plate as last time. She left the room with the hope that Bad Bat would fly in and eat the pie.

But Camilla came in first. She saw the pie.

“Yummy!” said Camilla.

She cut a slice of the sticky pie with a knife. She put the slice of pie onto a new plate.

Then Bad Bat came in. Bad Bat stole her pie.

“Bad!” yelled Camilla. “You are a bad bat!” Camilla was so mad she started to cry. This made Bad Bat smile.

Did Bad Bat eat the pie?

He gave it a try, but it got stuck to his face. It took him five days to get all the sticky pie off his face.

Now Bad Bat hates pie.

But there is more to the story:

After Bad Bat left, Hal came into the room. He saw the pie and took a bite.

He did think it had a nice taste, but that it was a bit too sticky. So he did not eat any more.

The End.

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