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Bad Bat and the "Sour Ade"

A Level 2 “Bad Bat” Story

(learning: ou, ow and oo, and the fact that they can make ow, oe and oo sounds. Level 2)

It was a very hot day, so Camilla and Molly were making lemonade.

They needed four glasses full: one for each of them, one for their brother Hal, plus one for Hal’s friend Ian who lived next door.

They squeezed the lemons and poured the juice into a pitcher. They added water and ice. They took out the sugar bowl, but did not pour any sugar into the lemonade yet. First, they went to get the four glasses, which were in the next room.

In flew Bad Bat.

Bad Bat found the lemonade. He had never had lemonade before, but knew that he would not like it. So he decided to spoil it for the others. He poured the sugar into the garbage and filled the sugar bowl with salt.

Then he flew outside of the room to watch what the children would do. He stood on the woodpile to get a better view.

Camilla and Molly came back into the room. They poured the salt (which they thought was sugar) into the lemonade.

Then they poured four glasses full.

In came Hal and Ian. They all raised their glasses and took a long drink.

“Eww!” said Molly.

“Yuck!” howled Ian.

“Bleh!” said Hal. “This lemonade is too sour.”

Molly knew who and what had caused the trouble. “Bad Bat has replaced the sugar with salt,” she said.

They looked out the window and saw Bad Bat on the woodpile. They all shouted, “You are a bad bat!”

By the time they looked back, Camilla had finished her lemonade.

“I like this lemonade,” she said. “Molly, can I drink your lemonade, too?”

Ian said, “It is not lemonade without sugar. It’s too sour. I think we should call it Sour Ade.

Not The End.

Later, Bad Bat flew back into the house. There was still a glass of Sour Ade on the table. He tried some… and liked it!

The End.

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