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Bad Bat and the Chicken Leg.

(learning: ch and ck)

It was lunch. Camilla ate a chicken wing, a pickle, a little cheese, and a pack of crackers.

Still, she was not full. She chose to eat a chicken leg next. She picked up the chicken leg and started to chew on it.

Then Bad Bat flew into the room.

Bad Bat was hungry for chicken. He saw a plate with six chicken wings but wanted the chicken leg. There was just one chicken leg and Camilla was chewing on it.

Bad Bat tried to take the chicken leg from Camilla. Camilla started to eat the leg faster. This made Bad Bat mad! He picked up the cheese and dropped it on Camilla!

Camilla picked up her glass and poured the milk on Bad Bat. Then she chased Bad Bat away.

Camilla put the chicken leg back on the plate. She was too full now to eat the chicken leg.

The End.

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