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Bad Bat and the Birthday Party

Dedicated to the amazing Anthony (on his birthday!) and to his inspirational teacher Mrs. Luna

(learning: ‘ll’, ‘pp’, ‘bb', and ordinal numbers)

It was Anthony’s birthday!

There was cake and cookies and candies and candles. There were lots of games and gifts.

Best of all, most of Anthony’s friends were there.

Anthony’s teacher Mrs. Luna was there.

Even Camilla was there. She came from very far away.

All the kids played games. Then they sang songs. Then it was time to open gifts!

Anthony opened the first gift. It was a ball with a bell inside!

Anthony opened the second gift. It was a Braille book about bulls!

Anthony opened the third gift. It was a tin whistle!

Anthony started to open the fourth gift, the one from Camilla. But when he opened the box … out flew Bad Bat!

Camilla yelled, “Bad Bat, how did you get into my gift box? You are a bad bat!”

Bad Bat flew to the birthday cake and blew out the candles. Bad bat!

Then he took a big bite of the birthday cake. Bad bat!

Then he took a cookie, flew into the air, and dropped the cookie on Mrs. Luna’s head.

Camilla grabbed Bad Bat by his wing. “You are a bad bat!” she said. She put him back into the gift box and said, “You stay in the box and stop spoiling Anthony’s birthday party.”

Camilla was sad that Bad Bat had snuck into Anthony’s birthday party.

Anthony was not sad. He was smiling and laughing and clapping.

For the rest of the party, all the kids took turns acting like Bad Bat. They ran around the room, took bites of the birthday cake, and blew out candles. (Mrs. Luna did not let them drop cookies on her head.)

At the end of the party, Anthony gave Camilla a big hug and said, “Thank you for coming to my party. And thank you for bringing Bad Bat. He was the best gift of all!”

The End.

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