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Bad Bat and the Beach Ball

(learning: ea, she and he)

Camilla was in the pool at the Sea Cabin. She had a beach ball. She was very happy.

Bad bat flew to the Sea Cabin and saw the beach ball. He wanted it. He took the beach ball from Camilla. Camilla was sad. She started to cry.

Molly and Hal came to help Camilla. Molly and Hal took the beach ball back from Bad Bat. This made Bad Bat mad. He bit the beach ball and it popped! This made Camilla really sad. She grabbed Bad Bat and tossed him into the pool. Bad Bat did not like to be wet! Bad Bat flew away.

Dad went to the store and got a new beach ball. Camilla wanted to go back to the pool to play with the beach ball, but it was time for bed.

The End.

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