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Who says stories have to be long and involved? Can you write a story, with a beginning, middle and end – and even a hero – in just ten (10) words?

Thanks to Hemingway for inspiring this idea. He once wrote a story in just six words:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

StuartStories Ten-Word Story Contest
Here are the winners to the first annual StuartStories Ten-Word Story Contest:

First place:

Get home from play. Totally embarrassed. No more monkey costume.
By Yehuda Schlesinger of University Heights, OH – age 12 (as of writing)

Honorable mentions
Dragon chases deer, Dragon yawns, Dragon eats, Dragon sleeps soundly.
By Naia Sanderson of Lamoine, ME – age 10 (as of writing)

Fishing gear ready. Bait is on. Reeling....Lunch is here!
By Levi Sasonkin of Akron, OH – age 13 (as of writing)

Summer day. Big ice cream. Whoops! Ice cream for dog.
By Ethan Socl of University Heights, OH – age 12 (as of writing)

We’ll publish the ones we like best as we receive them.

Here are a few of my quick entries to get this game started … but I know you can do better!

The dog barks. A burglar flees! The family is saved.

Athlete celebrates too soon. Loses. Lesson learned? Time will tell.

Janice discovers cave. Inside? Treasure! She only takes one ruby.

Cat says, “Bird!” I look up. Poop in my eye.

Submit your solution. Win prizes.

Send me your solution to this writing activity (solution form). Please get your parent's permission first!

Entries we like will receive a StuartStories pen.The younger the writer, the more likely we’ll send out a pen.

Of course, it's completely subjective and everyone wins just by playing.

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