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Back to Activities“Finish Me” Stories — The Imaginary Sister

Rolluf, the dog

I'm sure you've heard of children who have imaginary friends.

Perhaps you had or have one yourself. But have you ever heard of grown ups having one? Would you think they were a little crazy? And what if they kept telling you that this imaginary friend was your older sister?

Deddy (short for "Daedalus") kept hearing his parents talk about his   older sister, Chandra, but he never saw her around. They would set out food for her, which she would never eat. Which was too bad, because there frequently wasn't enough food to go around and Deddy had to go a little hungry so his "imaginary sister" could have some, even though she never ate any of it.

Whenever Deddy asked his parents where his sister was, they would shake their heads, look very sad, and say, "We don't know." Whenever he asked if he could see a picture of her, they would shake their heads, look even sadder, and say, "We don't even have a picture of her."

So, you can imagine that Deddy thought his parents were a little crazy, setting out food at dinner for a sister that, as far as Deddy could tell, didn't exist.

Then one day, he realized his parents weren't so crazy after all.

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